The Ballad of Textual Dependency

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"Sky Ferreira has said she’s recorded over 400 songs throughout her years on Capital Records, but only 12 tracks saw the light of day on her much anticipated 2013 debut Night Time, My Time. That is until Now.

Yesterday (Feb. 27), Ferreira took to Twitter to address the fact that one of her songs, “Rancid Girl” leaked online. Not that she was too upset about it. “Leaks usually bother me,” she tweeted. “But I actually like ‘Rancid Girl’ so that’s… cool?”

The song itself is a stripped down ballad that showcases Ferreira’s vulnerable vocals and lyrics beside an acoustic guitar. Ferreira wrote the song with composer Jon Brion, Fiona Apple collaborator Blake Mills and Cass McCombs, who Sky told last year made one of her favorite albums of 2013 with Big Wheel and Others.”

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Trent Reznor sent over sixteen different musical sketches between three-and-a-half and eight minutes long. It wasn’t really scored to any specific point; it was just kind of like—he said, ‘Well, here’s an idea, and here’s an idea, and I was sort of thinking of this for this, but we sort of moved stuff around and edit things and sort of fit it.’ And then, that track started playing. I think it was track seven, ironically. I was in my office, and I was scrolling through a little MP3, and all of a sudden, I heard this weird, it’s almost like legati, The Shining, kind of like this odd dissonance, this guttural sound. And then over the top of it came this little piano melody. And I heard it and I said, ‘That’s the main titles.’ It was kind of astounding because it seemed to talk about this loneliness, the piano was this lonely—it was almost childlike, and yet it had this kind of seething anger, vitriol, that was sort of bubbling under it. by David Fincher, on Hand Covers Bruise from The Social Network’s Original Soundtrack (via lucy-vanpelt)

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I was 17 when I wrote that,” she reminds me. “That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realise no one takes someone from you if they don’t want to leave. by Taylor talking about Better Than Revenge (x)

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I think about this line too much.

Jenny Lewis - WFUV Radio

Jenny Lewis - WFUV Radio

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